Kim Mancini

As an artist and an art teacher Kim is compelled to help people see her passion for art and life. She believes the two are closely intertwined. She wants through her art and her teaching, to find passion for everyone. She also wants people to find comfort and joy through her art. She believes that she can make that happen simply by getting you started, seeing that you can do it and by helping you fall in love with art. It doesn’t matter what or how you paint, just the fact that you do it.

Perfection – we are obsessed with, in how we look, our surroundings, in our work, in our lives and especially in our art. As artists we are expected to draw, paint or sculpt our subjects or concepts perfectly.

We seek it in every moment of our lives. Why? Who decided what is perfect? What is an artist? What is art? What stops us from doing art? What are we afraid of? Not being perfect! Kim sees a constant struggle with fellow artists and art students who question their work. Why do we always look to the outcome or the finished product? Why don’t we see the art as it is? The beauty within, the journey, the building stones of who we are – the art work as it is. We don’t always appreciate the process, the journey the artist is trying to take us on.

Kim hopes that through her art and her teachings that you can throw away the shackles that confine you and that you can enjoy the journey of finding the artist within.

She has chosen this body of work not because it is an indication of her work as an artist but it is a good example of the work that you as a budding artist can achieve in her classes.

This exhibition is about what she can help you find and her clients have found, the artist within just waiting to breakout. You just have to step up to the plate and have a go!

For some it is about producing a decorative piece for their homes, for others it is about exploring their emotions. It is about displaying what they are passionate about, their journey in life and realising it through art. It doesn’t matter why, how or what we do, it is really about the journey, the joy it brings and recognising that it is achievable. Art is accessible to all of us. Kim’s classes and her views on art are simply that -‘Believe in yourself, there is nothing you can not achieve!’