Kelvin Hawley

Growing up on a farm in West Auckland, New Zealand, gave me a love of painting wildlife. It wasn’t until I received lessons from world-renowned bird painter, Raymond Ching, that I really began to hone my observation skills and techniques. Most of my career has been spent as an illustrator for advertising and publishing, with over 800 books published, but time and time again, I would return to my passion of landscapes and wildlife.

My other passions are travel and Latin-American dancing. Recently my partner, Kerrie, and myself, travelled all around Brazil after dancing in the Rio Carnival. I was deeply impressed by the explosion of colour in the Carnaval parade to the grandure of the Iguazu Falls, the tropical colours of the islands of Paraty and the steaming jungle of the Amazon, from which I have been drawing my inspiration for my latest series of paintings.

We currently live in Scarborough with our two Blue Heelers.

Still dancing, still painting ………