Winnie Luk

Winnie was born in Hong Kong in 1953 and grew up in this interesting and bustling metropolis. Before settling in Brisbane in 1996, she had also lived in Canada and Papua New Guinea, two countries with very different cultures and very different colour palettes.

In 1998, she started oil painting under the guidance of Myles James, Eric Whisson and later Todd Whisson. Her desire to explore new mediums saw her later study pastel and acrylic painting with Tricia Reust and Desley Rolph.

She believes painting is about story-telling and artists express their thoughts, ideas and emotions through colour, shapes and light.

Her passion is creating beautiful paintings of glorious sunrises and stunning sunsets, and she loves to capture all the magnificient colours that God mixes in His heavenly palette. Having travelled extensively, she is continually awed and inspired by the ever-changing and forever-fascinating hues that greet or bid us goodnight in various cities of the world.

Splendid colours lift our spirits and soothe our souls, and when she knows her art has touched someone in this way she is forever grateful she can share her gift with others.