Jamie Congdon

At art college Jamie was told he needed to “play the game”, but he couldn’t do that, he made his own rules. He doesn’t stand on the shoulders of men…he means…he is not trying to invent something, or build an algorithm, or discover anything… he is just a painter. He draws, he sketches and these sketches come into fruition in his painting.

He likes to be different and seek uniqueness. He is not pretentious or precious. There are no paths that he follows that others walk. There are no styles or genres that he sees himself part of. He picks and chooses and takes images and observes use of colour all around him. And in retrospect he sees himself as a bit of a bowerbird. This is an overused cliched label, but it really fits Jamie and his art.

Recently his interests have lied in abstract painting and animation, having just completed a Masters in Screen production where he made a short autobiographical movie/animation telling the story about an event that occured to him with drugs in the late 60’s. Priot to that he completed a Fine Arts Degree with Honours at Griffith University.