Colleen Carter

Colleen Carter started painting in 1999, inspired and encouraged by her grandmother, artist Lena Nyadbi. Nyadbi taught Colleen the stories from her country; maily Dhildawun (Lissadell Station) and Jimbirla (Spearhead) country. Colleen hopes that one day her children will also paint and learn the stories from her, to keep their culture strong. Colleen also paints her other grandmother’s country around Fitzroy Crossing.

Colleen grew up in Halls Creek and went to high school in Perth. She has worked a variety of jobs at Doon Doon and Glenhill Stations, and at the Walumba Hostel aged care unit at Warmun. She now dedicates as much time as she can to painting and teaching at Glen Hill School.

Colleen mentors her younger sister, Kerryanne Carter, teaching her how to paint with ochre and some of the stories she has learnt from her grandmothers. Colleen Carter’s work is recognised and shown across Australia and internationally. She hopes her children Hannah, Shaelene and Leaha will learn to paint.