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We have a large array of artists working in a variety of medias.  


lachlan kennedy f LACHLAN KENNEDY: An early exposure to Van Gogh and oil paints. Lachlan won the prestitious inaugural Golden Ox Redcliffe Art Society award for his acrylic painting in 2009. 



pk f PHOEBE KENNEDY: Phoebe first began painting during her high school years at Southern Cross Catholic College. Since leaving school, she has continued developing and experimenting with different mediums. Her favourite is acrylics. She also makes photo books and handmade cards.



 gretta kennedy f GRETTA KENNEDY: Gretta has developed a very individual style in her art. Gretta's "Enchanted Forest" series is a fantasy escape world where everything is pretty and ordered and her favourite - a dog or cat- pops in. A wonderful fairytale world of eternal sunshine, bright flowering plants and orchards nestled around litle cottages in the woods.



 f NINA SMITH: Nina's handmade crafts will provie you with many options for that personalized gift. From crochetted and knitted baby items, household items and beautiful handmade crafts. Nina's eye to detail will delight all who either purchase or receive one of her items. 



mannyphoto f MANUEL "MANNY" MAYENCO: Due to early retirement, Manny has been able to follow his love of art. His first exhibition resulted in a sale, in which his piece is now in a shopfront in England. His early work was mainly acrylic, but he has also explored into oil, charcoal and pastel.



Cassie_Brooker f CASSIE BROOKER: Cassie's New Zealand heritage and schooling has influenced her style of art. Cassie likes to use a variety of mediums, but prefers oil painting and pen/ink predominantly. 





 f SHANE DEEKS: Shane's love of all things natural shows through in his photography. He has numerous images of all things that can be photographed, and is always looking for different ideas. 



allan_parry1 fALAN PARRY:Allan has had a longstanding interest in the visual arts since leaving school with a distinction in the subject. Since retiring Allan has returned to drawing and painting. A love of Australia, its flora and fauna, shows in a range of his works in watercolour, coloured pencil and pencil.



Barry_Kidd fBARRY KIDD: Barry now works from Redcliffe after living over 30 years in the Redlands. His work in oil, watercolour, pen and etching is constantly evolving so that collectors of his work find surprises and freshness in each new show. Preservation and conservation are the two driving forces behind his work. Through simplification of shape, the exaggeration of colour and broad-brush treatment he tries to engage the viewer in appreciating the beauty of what is here now, and how easily it could lost tomorrow.  



Brian_Harper_2 fBRIAN HARPER: Born in the UK and studied commercial art, portrait and life study at Reigate Art Collage, Torbay School of Art, studied anatomy i London when working int eh art studio of "Educational and Scientific Plastic, Ltd." making training pieces for Doctor and Nurses. While living in Brixham S'Devon, painted sailing boats, seascapes with various other artists; mainly for the tourist trade; from 1964 to 1971 when he moved to Queensland. His paintings hand in the "Qld Air Museum" in Caloundra and "Caboolture Warplane Museum" as well as two murals. Winner of R.A.S. 2007 and a Highly Commeded in the "Matthew Flinders" 2007 Art Show. He has a passion for painting vintage aircraft, sailing ships (17-1800s) and steam locomotives. 




David_May1 f DAVID MAY: David is a woodturning artist of international repute.  He is also recognised as an author, teacher and an acclaimed judge of woodturning.  His articles on woodturning have been published worldwide. He has conducted many demonstrations throughout Queensland and New South Wales as well as in England.

A foundation member and past president of Redcliffe Woodcraft Society, David has lived on the Redcliffe Peninsula for forty years,.  His many awards include the Excellence in Craft Award, five times winner of the Caloundra Art Festival wood prize, and four victories at the Queensland Woodcraftsman Guild.  He has been Grand Champion at the Redcliffe Show on seven occasions.


 fCOLLEEN CARTER: Colleen Carter, skin name Nyajarri, is an Aboriginal artist who started painting in 1999. She was inspired and encouraged by her grandmother, artist Lena Nyadbi, who taught her the stories from her country; mainly around Dhildawun (Lissadell Station) and Jimbirla (Spearhead) country. Colleen hopes that one day her children will also paint and learn the stories from her, to keep the culture strong. Colleen also paints her other grandmother's country around Fitzroy Crossing. Colleen grew up in Halls Creek and went to high school in Perth. She has worked in a variety of jobs at Doon Doon and Glenhill Stations and the Walumba Hostel aged care unit at Warmun. She now dedicates as much time as possible to painting and teaching at Glen Hill School. Colleen also mentors her younger sister, Kerryanne, teaching her how to paint with ochre and passing on some of their grandmothers' stories. Colleen's work is recognised and has been shown across Australia and internationally.
 f FRANCES WING: Frances settled in Redcliffe, with her husband and five children, in June 1983 after arriving from Scotland. Although Frances has always had a desire to paint, with work and family commitments she found little time to do so until the last ten years or so. She joined the Redcliffe Art Society in 2003 and this gave her the motivation to fully become involved in her art. She was also the President of the Redcliffe Art Society (RAS) from November 2004 until July 2006.

Whilst Frances has not undertaken any formal art training, she has attended a number of classes and seminars over the years. She loves trying new techniques and finds the use of colour exciting. Presently, her preferred media is pastels, watercolour and acrylic paints. Some of the art awards that Frances has won include: Champion Local Artist, Champion Painting of the Show, a First in pastels, two Second prizes and a Highly Commended at the Redcliffe Show. She has also won two Second prizes, three Highly Commended and one Commended at various RAS Members’ Exhibitions since 2005. This year, as per our previous Facebook post, she won a Highly Commended at the RAS Exhibition of Excellence.


Lisa_Dirie f LISA DIRIE: Lisa, a local Brisbane artist, is quickly carving a niche for herself with her instantly recognisable ceramic work. Both her love for art and her creative abilities cover many genres, however her true passion lies with the uniqueness of the fluid curves and strong angles that ceramic art delivers. 

With ceramic Green-ware as her canvas, Lisa creates resplendent, unique, and individual pieces that compliment any decor and serve a myriad of functions. Vases, Platters, Plates, Jewellery Boxes and Lamps are just some examples of what you can expect to see within Lisa's range of collectables. Her signature style is bright and bold, blending comic book imagery with the fun accents of pop art, and even though the pop art inspired girls are her favourite to paint, her work is varied to meet the current styles and trends, ensuring it caters to every taste. Each image that Lisa Dirie creates is as much the work of a devotee of pop culture, as that of an observer of life in general.
Lisa has also won a number of arts grants and prizes including champion, first and second prizes at the Redcliffe Agricultural Show, highly commended in the Seaside Artists Gallery Annual Art prize in 2010 and first, second and third prizes in the RNA show – Ceramics Section over a number of years. Lisa often donates work to selected charities in the Brisbane area. 
You can contact her or see more of her work at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  /


Winnie_Luk f WINNIE LUK: “I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in this interesting and bustling metropolis. Before settling in Brisbane, I had also lived in Canada and Papua New Guinea, two countries with very different cultures and very different color palettes. I believe painting is about story-telling and artists express their thoughts, ideas and emotions through color, shapes and light. My love of travel provides endless inspiration for my paintings. Splendid colors lift our spirits and soothe our souls, and when I know my art has touched someone in this way I am forever grateful I can share my gift with others.” See more of Winnie’s work here:
 Tricia_Reust f TRICIA REUST: Tricia is a visual artist working in most types of art media. She exhibits regularly, teaches, judges competitions and is active in the arts community. She has won the National Mortimore prize in 2012; is a finalist in the Stanthorpe Art Prize 2014; was a finalist in the arcYinnar National Drawing prize 2014 and 2012; has had work accepted nine times in the Bald Archy National Touring Exhibition; recorded an episode with the Television series Colour in Your Life; and has been published in the Australian Artist and Artists’ Palette magazines. Her instructional DVD is titled “Drawings and Mixed Media”, and her two e-videos, one on drawing and one on texture and mediums, are available from her web site. Tricia is a Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia, and is a member of 30 Realists; Artists in Redcliffe; the Portrait Society of America; the Redcliffe Art Society; the Bribie Island Art Group and the Moreton Bay Regional Arts Council. 

Her awards cover many themes and media including pastel, portrait, mixed media and miniature. You can see more of her work at:

Sally_Thomson fSALLY THOMSON: Sally is an artist who spent her childhood in country Victoria but is now based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Sally grew up on a farm and her love of animals is obvious by her ability to portray personality and passion in her paintings of animals. Her pet portraits are very popular and delight clients with vibrant representations of their beloved subjects. Pastels are her preferred medium as she finds they bring out the true qualities of her subjects, reflecting their characters in a timeless manner that only pastels can achieve. Her landscapes are lively and colourful, expressing her joy of our country and the life it sustains.  Sally has won a number of Art Show prizes including: first prize at the Alan Reading Memorial Art Awards in 2013 and ‘Pasteler of the Year’ in 2012 at the Melbourne International Equine Art Show.

You can see more of Sally’s art work



russell_brown1 f RUSSELL BROWN: Russ is a professional news media photographer with over 30 years experience. He creates a wide variety of interesting and eye-catching digital art and beautiful high quality images. Russell has worked professionally as a photographer since 1982 but also enjoys producing some creative pieces outside the constraints of his day-to-day work, when he can find the time. After a bit of a break in 2010, he has restarted with a new website and updated camera equipment.  Russ has recently had an instructional book published called: “Paths to Artistic Imaging in Photoshop” and is now available to purchase at the gallery ($59.95) or through his website. You can see more of Russell’s work at



phoebe2 f PHEOBE ROLLEY: Phoebe was born and lived in Brisbane for most of her life until moving to Redcliffe in 2007. She joined a pastel class in 2009 with a master pastel artist and art teacher, Tricia Reust. Phoebe recently renewed her interest in watercolours, having previously learned Botanical Art from illustrator and artist: Margaret Saul. Her love of animals and Australian scenery is demonstrated in her pastel and charcoal paintings. Her passion for creating beautiful works has been a lifetime pursuit, having created art in various media, such as sewing, craft, scrapbooking, card making as well being a trained florist. As a mother of four children with a full time work life, Phoebe’s desire to study art was delayed until she retired. In 2013, Phoebe joined the Seaside Artists Gallery where she can now proudly display her art work. Phoebe entered the “Mixed Media” class in the 2014 Redcliffe Show and received a second place.




Nicole_Burr_Photo fNICOLE BURR: Nicole Burr has always enjoyed artistic pursuits, from designing paper-doll clothes as a young girl to photography and garden design / landscaping while raising a family and then onto painting art works. She was born in New Zealand, where she spent several years studying photography and developing black & white photos. It was photographing the constantly changing landscape and exciting coastline that lead her to explore texture and movement with paint, with composition and light being strong elements in her work. Since moving to Australia in 2003, Nicole has gained experience by exploring techniques with acrylic, oils and water colour. Whilst largely self-taught, she has also attended workshops with inspirational artists such as Charles Moodie, Joseph Zbukvic, Amanda Hyatt and Herman Pekel, all of whom encouraged her to extend herself as an artist. Nicole enjoys bringing out patterns and moods in her subjects rather than making exact copies as she used to do through photography.

Nicole has previously exhibited at Eagles Nest Gallery on the Great Ocean Road and through local art shows, winning several awards, including the Best Painting (acrylic) award at the 2011 Immanuel College Art Show. In 2010, she helped set up and run a small working studio/gallery ; ‘Gallery Ten’, on the Sunshine Coast. Nicole currently paints outdoors in impressionist styles or works on commissions in her home studio. Her paintings hang in private collections in both Australia and New Zealand. To see more of her work or discuss a commission, go to her website at :




 f MYCHAEL TRANTERN: Mychael Trantern provides life thoughts in a visual context or creates ‘visual poetry’, which are sold at the Seaside Artists’ Gallery. In Mychael’s view; art is everywhere, in everything you see and say. An artist or a poet freezes a moment of the moving picture of life and transfers it to the frame or canvas. His preferred focus is on the deeper meanings and currents of life. He is in his 70’s and self-taught in calligraphy. He writes his own poetry, which he describes as being “Pisces-driven”. Using a combination of his words and colour he creates a visual fusion in a frame and he feels this is an ideal mode of expression of his artistic side. Mychael has had exhibitions and commissions in England before settling in Australia.


Alan_Putt_photo_2 f ALAN PUTT: Alan Putt was born in 1951 in Brisbane and has been painting since 1971. His oil paintings have found a home in many countries, particularly Japan. His style is very versatile, ranging from realism to abstracts, portraits, animals, landscapes, buildings and seascapes. He has travelled all over Australia and his paintings of this amazing country are reflected in his work. He has studied people in the cities, coastal towns and the resilient characters of the Outback. In his travels, he has met people from all walks of life including farmers, townies, bushies, drovers and miners. He has developed a fascination for Aboriginal people, their landscape and their culture and a number of his works reflect the art studies he has completed in Indigenous communities. Alan has also travelled extensively overseas, including France, Germany, Italy and the UK, which is also reflected in his painting. He has also written a book called ‘Vivian and Rebecca’, which he hopes to have published soon and hopes will further increase interest in his paintings.

Alan is happy to take on commissions and can be contacted via his mobile phone, which is available from the Gallery, or through private message on this Facebook page.



 f FRAN ROBINSON: Fran’s part-time art studies were conducted at Brisbane Central Technical College, the University of Manitoba in Canada and Brisbane CAE, as well as through private workshops. She has experimented with many different media, including life drawing, portraiture and wood sculpture before taking up the challenge of embroidery and textile art. She still keeps her hand in with the occasional portrait or life study in pastel or graphite. As well as being a member of the Seaside Artists Gallery, Fran is a member or several groups including: the Embroiderer’s Guild Qld, the Flying Arts Alliance, the Textile Art Group, the Moreton Bay Arts Council and the Redcliffe Art Society. She has also competed successfully in many local, regional and inter-state competitions, including the “Soft Focus” exhibition advertised on this page late last year. Her pieces are featured in the collection of the Cotton Centre in Narrabri and in private collections both overseas and throughout Australia.



Frances_Breen1f FRANCES BREEN: Frances was born in England and migrated to Australia in the late 1960s. Frances has been painting for about eight years and is a member of the Seaside Artists Gallery. She particularly enjoys using oils and acrylics for her artwork.  Frances has sold some of her work internationally, including to America, England and South Africa, and she has also completed numerous commissions within Australia. Frances has exhibited in the Nundah Art Show for the last three years as well as the RNA Brisbane. Currently, Frances has paintings on display at the Seaside Artists Gallery and the Nundah library.

For commissions, please contact Frances on her mobile number – which can be provided by the gallery or via private message through this page.



 f NICOLE RUCKELS: Nicole was born in France as the daughter of a musician and a teacher. She migrated to Australia in 1980 with her German husband and sons. Nicole has taught French in a number of primary schools on the Redcliffe peninsula. Nicole enjoys painting in a variety of mediums and taught herself to draw in pastels and won an award in 2000. Recently, she has been drawing in ink pens, examples of which are on display at the Seaside Artists Gallery. Nicole also enjoys writing and has had a couple of short stories published. Today, she lives in Woody Point with her kitten Minoupapillon.



 f MICHAEL KEEN: Michael was born in England in 1956 and moved out to Australia in 1980. His first work was as a printer and then he gained qualifications in graphic design. Michael has always loved to capture beautiful images of places and moments in time with his camera but he never had the courage to share his work previous to now. Following a recent diagnosis of terminal cancer, Michael is now proudly showing his work in the Seaside Artists Gallery. He hopes that all our friends of the gallery can find some beauty in his images and that they invoke a reaction or emotion.



Jan_Cunningham02 f JAN CUNNINGHAM: Jan Cunningham (formerly Henderson) is an Artist and Photographer residing in Brighton, Queensland. “I am retired and enjoying my passion for art, both in photography, acrylic painting, mixed media and also pastel works. My ability to take beautiful photographic images over the years and now have time to transfer them to beautiful art works has been a real life changing experience.” Jan’s printed photography books are a great resource for artists and collectors alike and are on sale at Seaside Artists Gallery in Redcliffe.

You can find Jan’s photographic images on canvas of the Redcliffe Peninsula & Moreton Bay area here:



natalia1 f DR. NATALIA BALO: Dr. Natalia Balo (BFA, MFA, PhD) is a contemporary figurative artist. She is a graduate of the St Petersburg Art Academy (1991) and a direct third generation student of the world-famous painters Ilya Repin, Michael Vrybel and Valentin Serov. Natalia Balo has achieved recognition through numerous Art awards for her portraits, still-life and landscapes. Her passion is portraiture; painting people, animals and especially birds, for which she has developed significant expertise.  She recently had a book titled ‘Bird Anatomy for Artists’ published, which is a beautifully presented comprehensive survey of the complete bird, through masterly illustrations that are clear and easy to understand. Natalia works in many drawing and painting mediums, including oil, watercolour and pastel. Natalia’s painting style is distinctively noted for its impressionistic qualities, energetic brushwork and fresh vibrant colours. Natalia undertakes portrait and commercial commissions, conducts art classes and fine art workshops. Her artworks are exhibited nationally and internationally, primarily in private collections. You can see more of her work at her website:



 f MARGARET CUMMINGS: Margaret is a Brisbane born artist who commenced painting in 1980. Her preferred medium is oil on canvas, although she enjoys experimenting with acrylics as well as learning about the use of different mediums and techniques. Margaret was the Seaside Artists Gallery’s featured artist in February 2014. Margaret's paintings have won awards in every show she has entered. She is presently an active member of the Redcliffe Seaside Gallery, the Kedron Art Group and the Samford Slab Hut. Margaret has paintings on display permanently at the Tom Petrie Hotel at the Petrie Village Markets, the Redcliffe Seaside Gallery and the Samford Slab Hut, as well as regularly displaying her work with the Kedron Art Group in shopping centres. For the last 25 years of Margaret’s working life, she was a self-employed embroiderer and worked with designers within the fashion industry. During this period, Margaret’s embroidery appeared regularly in bridal magazines and was featured at the R.A.Q Awards. In recent years she has been commissioned to create elaborate robes for the Catholic Church that are required to have Papal permission from the Vatican before they are worn.

To see more of her work or to ask about commissions, check out her facebook page at:



 f LYN WEARNE: Lyn Wearne was born and bred in Brisbane and is now a resident of Bribie Island, after years of visits and holidays out there and being a long term fan of the area. She has always been interested in craft work and a friend introduced her to the art of ‘Paper Tole’. With his guidance and expertise and introducing her own individuality, she has been doing ‘Paper Tole’ pictures for a number of years and finds it an enjoyable and relaxing creative outlet. After being encouraged to exhibit in a number of annual shows, Lyn has won a few First, Second and Highly Commended prizes at the Redcliffe Show since 2007. She also picked up Champion of the Show in 2011. Lyn reckons there is probably nothing that cannot be ‘Paper Toled’ and she enjoys doing various types of pictures but her favourites include: Australiana, flowers, water scenes and pelicans. She hopes you enjoy her pictures as much as she enjoys creating them.



10308146_10202190026176737_8475178861884602601_n-20140804-171958-1 f LYN HOLYOAKE: Lyn is a local artist and has always been interested in art from an early age. A self-taught artist, she has only recently begun painting again. She has always been creative and has produced works in lead-lighting, ceramic painting and cartooning as well as painting. Lyn is passionate to develop and refine her work and as a result is continually experimenting with various techniques and media. Lyn prefers to work in acrylics and is inspired by their vibrant colours as well as her love of the beach, seaside and local environment. Lyn’s philosophy is to look at a painting and feel happiness and joy.




 f LYNDA ROSE KENNING: Lynda has a range of vibrant water colour paintings on display at Seaside Artists Gallery and like most of our artists she also volunteers her time to the gallery regularly. After meeting local water colourist John Carr at his intro class at Seaside Artists Gallery, Lynda began her journey into water colour painting. She has undertaken workshops under the tutorage of Cheryl Nugent, Barry Kidd, Graham W Smith, Trisha Reust, Pete Pinza, and Rex Backhouse Smith. Of her work Lynda says 2010 was a rewarding year for her with multiple sales and awards won, while 2013 finds her tutoring water colour classes at the Redcliffe Art Society studio. She explains that the work she does, both painting and tutoring, is always in the elusive search for originality and freshness.


1378785_675283345815640_2042768531_n f KIM MANCINI: Kim is a Brisbane born local artist, she was privately tutored by Desley Rolph in 1996 and also had two years under the tuition of Cathy White Sullivan in 1990. As an artist and an art teacher, Kim feels compelled to help people see her passion for art and life. Kim's painting style truly exemplifies the metropolitan Queensland way of life. The freedom and relaxed style, interesting subject matter and vivid use of colour and media, are traits of Kim's exceptional and versatile painting style that has won her many fans in the great south-east of Brisbane. As long as she can remember, art has been a part of Kim’s life, be it: drawing as a child, learning craft with her grandmother, collecting and creating with her aunties at Sandgate beach, trips to galleries with school; all of which has led to her great passion for art. Kim’s artwork is simply created for all to enjoy, she loves to create atmosphere, mood, emotion or some kind of reaction. Kim enjoys using different media and textures but especially loves colour. Kim's passion for painting expanded with the opening of her gallery in 2003, where she showcases her own and other artists' work, collaborates with interior designers on individual projects and teaches aspiring artists. You can see more of her work and find details of her classes at:





 f JAMES STEELE: James has always had an artistic drive but in his youth this was never developed or channelled into a career path. After leaving school early and trying his hand at numerous unfulfilling jobs, he returned to study and completed a diploma in education.Rather than taking snapshots of his experiences James was drawn to composing images, often quite abstract, through the rectangular dimensions of the camera’s viewfinder. He has continued to work in this way and while the natural environment provides an endless source of inspiration, he also enjoys seeing and composing his images in manmade surroundings. In more recent years James has completed courses in graphic design and digital photography to enhance his technical skill. He has won prizes in local art and photography competitions and has been a finalist in the Brisbane Lord Mayors Photographic Awards and Lethbridge 10 000 Art Prize. He was runner up in QLD government’s Q150 Photo Competition and had an image chosen by the Premier’s Dept for their annual christmas card. 




ANDIE_MOSS___2_lo_res f ANDIE MOSS: After time out raising a large family, in 1997 Andie Moss enrolled at The Brisbane College of Photography & Art and after a year became a wedding photographer and Postcard designer. Since that time, Andie has been freelancing for the Redcliffe City Council and Morton Bay Regional Council's Events department. She also volunteers in the Information Centre, Art Gallery and Museum.  This volunteer work led to Andie creating a Souvenir Photo Book featuring scenes from the Redcliffe Peninsula, which highlights local history and the beach lifestyle. Andie produces a variety of framed photography, prints on canvas and a variety of postcards and photographic souvenir books. You can contact her on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Janet_Claydon f JANET CLAYDON: Janet is a local artist who draws inspiration from her surroundings and beautiful Australian landscapes, which she considers awe inspiring. Janet is an artist who is enthralled by the whole creative process from initial ideas to the end result. Preferring to paint in oils, Janet's photo realistic style of painting is sometimes moody and often nostalgic, which give her works a powerful aura. Her paintings evoke a sense of both journey and location. Before joining the Seaside Artists Gallery, Janet's recent artistic achievements include: a solo exhibition at The Hub Gallery in 2013, a solo exhibition at the Mathew Flinders Gallery in 2014, being featured in an editorial in ‘Artist Palette Magazine’ and a window exhibition at Strathpine Art Gallery.



john_chadwick_bio_copy f JOHN CHADWICK: After completing high school, John Chadwick pursued his passion for art by completing a four year diploma at the Brisbane College of Art. This diploma covered graphic design and fine art subjects, such as: colour studies, life drawing, figure painting and illustration. During this time, John had the good fortune to be mentored by Percy Eagles, an illustrator renowned for his hand-drawn movie posters, and Roy Churcher, the artist in residence. Whilst his career as an Art Director flourished in advertising and commercial art, his passion for expression on canvas continued to burn brightly. So whilst advertising provided great opportunities for John to use different styles and demonstrate the relationship between visual art and consumers, behind the scenes he continued his passion for painting and experimented with different styles. His art today has been influenced by his life experiences and his experimentation with pop art, traditional painting, surrealism, expressionism and impressionism.  John has been an entrant in the 2011 Archibald Prize and completed a mural at the Caboolture Hospital's Paediatric Outpatient Clinic in 2012. Much of John's work has been commissioned privately and his works are part of many private and corporate collections. John lives in Zillmere and can be contacted through the gallery if you would like to see more of his work or discuss commissions.



 KELVIN HAWLEY: New Zealand born Kelvin grew up with a love of painting wildlife from his growing up on a farm. Most of his career has been spent as an illustrator for advertising and publishing but his passion has always been landscapes and wildlife.







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